PANELIFT / SECTIONAL DOORS for Residential, Commercial & Industrial

Sectional garage doors (also referred to as Panelift garage doors) are designed to open vertically. They are built from several horizontal panels joined together in one solid door. This design allows the door to open by following a curved track that ends parallel to the ceiling of your garage, using minimal space. These durable doors are customisable in a range of colours and designs to enhance the aesthetic look of your home. They can be motorised for your convenience, though they can be opened by hand if necessary.
At NovaCoast, we understand the importance of having a garage door opener that is reliable, strong, and quiet in operation. That’s why our Australian sectional garage doors are built using Bluescope steel. Come with a weather seal to ensure protection from harsh elements.
Our panel lift garage doors are perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial garage openings. The huge range of panels available will complement any home and add a touch of style to your property. 
panelift garage doors

The Benefits of panelift garage doors

When opened, the panels are guided upwards along tracks before rounding a corner to rest parallel to the garage ceiling. It means the door doesn’t swing outwards like a tilt door, so it is still fully operational when a car parks immediately in front of or within the garage.
sectional garage door
As the door comprises individual panels, if one section is damaged, that single panel may be replaced, saving the cost of a completely new entry. The absence of a circular drum in the doorway, like those required for Roller doors. Makes a Sectional door the perfect choice for garages with limited headroom. Yet high clearance vehicles, like 4WDs, and short driveways.
Our customers have the added benefit of exceptional customer service. We are always on hand to help with any questions or queries and pride ourselves on providing a professional and friendly service. Call us today and see how we can help. 
For more information view the brochures below for, B&D Panel Lift, Centurion Panel Lift and Dynamic Doors.

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